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play with narratives. reveal possibilities. overcome blocks.

About the project

Editing a photographic project is crucial, but difficult. Many decisions, no recipes. When you get stuck or when you’re just looking for inspiration, The Rising Card arouses your creativity with a virtual deck of tips, exercises and reflections on visual narratives with a special focus on the process of photobook making.

Editing is the real game. Wanna play?

The Rising Card was born to help authors, editors and teachers approaching the biggest challenge of nowadays photography: as images are relentlessly invading our world, the decisions you take while combining pictures to create a narrative are more and more important. In a playful format inspired by Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies,The Rising Card brings to the photographic universe the same stimulation on lateral thinking and trust in chance. Spanning from film and music to comics and poetry, the contents of this editing tarot are constantly enriched by the contributions of renowned “guest players” worldwide.

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a project by Walter Costa designed by Fabio

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play with narratives. reveal possibilities. overcome blocks.